10th & 11th OCTOBER 2017

A two day event about futureproof railnetworks

An international symposium (10th) and festival (11th) about the future of rail infrastructure, where science meets practice. How do we reduce the vulnerability of the railway system to disruptions? How do we collaborate with other stakeholders involved in the railway sector? The conference celebrates the completion of the ExploRail research program, and looks forward to exciting challenges in the railway sector. Sign up now, because visitor numbers are limited.

Update: The 10th of October is full. New registrations are on the waiting list. For the Innovation Festival on the 11th there are 25 tickets left, so sign up quickly!

October 10th

International research symposium with new scientific insights on Intelligent Rail Infrastructure and Whole Systems Performance coming from the ExploRail research program. Keynotes from Clive Roberts (Professor of Railway System at the University of Birmingham) and Pier Eringa (CEO ProRail). The official completion of the ExploRail research program
Invited: Everyone involved or interested in (the results of) ExploRail and value of new scientific insights in practice. Update: new registrations for the symposium are on the waiting list. 

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October 11th

Festival about future proof rail networks for and with all stakeholders involved. Experience new technologies preventing disruptions like sensoring, big data and Internet-of-Things, attend masterclasses on innovative procurements, meet starting entrepreneurs and get inspired by keynotes framing the challenges of today’s railway sector.
Invited: All rail professionals (engineers, market parties, carriers, advisors, rail managers, et cetera) eager to innovate on behalf of futureproof rail networks (maximum of 250 attendees, 25 tickets left).

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